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Document Management System - DocManager

DocManager is a pre-developed application that is used to manage and distribute company or organisational documents and information.

The application is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which means that access to the application is on a subscription basis, and the subscriber does not have to install the software or acquire any additional hardware to operate the software. DocManager is installed and runs on a Diversified Technologies hosted server and is accessed via a standard browser over the internet. For more information about Software as a Services, see our SaaS Benefits section.

DocManager Benefits

  • Consolidate all of your organisations electronic assets (documents, emails, templates etc.) in one location.
  • Secure and protect your electronic assets with user restricted user modification and deletion rights – an effective Knowledge Management tool.
  • Enable seamless distribution of electronic assets to any location worldwide with internet access (home users, on-site users etc.)
  • The organisations electronic assets are categorised, sorted and versioned on uploading and therefore efficiently managed for easy retrieval.
  • Because electronic assets are categorised, sorted, versioned and indexed, users can located the required records far quicker than before, saving precious time and improving productivity.
  • Avoid frustration on behalf of service providers with staff repeatedly requesting copies of contracts or information that has already been sent to the organisation before, because correspondence was filed incorrectly or not filed at all.
  • Users can easily locate electronic assists in three different ways – category browsing, descriptive fields or full text searching.
  • Each uploaded document is indexed, which means that full text searches can be performed against the documents actual content not just the file name or descriptive fields.
  • The DMS has a powerful search function that will allow you to find a document even if it was misfiled.
  • Access rights to documents are controlled on a per Category basis with View, Add, Edit and Delete rights, which allows the organisation to easily control access to documents.
  • IP Address restrictions further enhance the application security by ensure that users can only access the application from certain networks, such as the office network.
  • A detailed audit trail exists for each electronic asset, which allows you to track exactly which user Created, Viewed, Edited and Deleted a file as well as the date and time on which the action occurred.
  • The entire application is hosted by DivTech, which means that you do not have to purchase any additional hardware or software.
  • No additional software needs to be installed on any of the users machines, as the system is built for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the two most popular web browsers.
  • Because the system uses a familiar web site interface, staff training and adoption is quick and easy.
  • An easy to use system administrator function, means that customers can manage their own application, creating users, categories and other administrators.
  • Allowing trusted users Adding rights means that the uploading of content can be distributed amongst different users for different categories, distributing the workload amongst multiple users.
  • A user dashboard gives each user quick access to their top 10 visited documents, their favourite documents and their permitted categories.
  • Comprehensive Administrator and User Manuals are provided.
  • Customer specific categories and user accounts can be created, allowing users to access documents from their categories or other shared categories, to retrieve documents themselves. Creating a self-service document distribution system. Possible uses include tariff manual distribution or sharing a photo/image category with clients.

Product Demo

For more information or to apply for a FREE demo of the product, please do not hesitate to contact us.
DocManager Demo

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Need assistance or have a question? Please feel free to contact us:

Email: support@divtech.co.za

Tel: +27 11 792 7488

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